Top Tips to Improve Your Golf Game Quickly

By Alex Nickinson

Playing golf is all about the swing.

If you have the right swing you will develop an excellent golf game.

If your swing lacks strength and purpose your golf game will to suffer.

Unfortunately, this is an inescapable fact of playing golf. Learning how to swing your golf club is not just an extremely important factor in improving your golf game, it is also the hardest factor.

The great majority of new golfers out there find they can not just pick up a golf club and start swinging like a pro.

For most new golfers the golf club is going to feel a bit awkward at first and developing the proper swing is going to take some time.

Your hands need to work as one when you are gripping your golf club.

You will be playing at your best when your hands are working together to bring about an accurate and smooth swing.

There are a number of ways to grip a golf club but you should always remember to keep your hands working together as one and you will find yourself developing a much-improved golf game.

Have you considered the type of grip you are working with and how much grip you are applying in your golf game?

It's a common mistake to hold your golf club too tight as this diminishes the power that you should be developing in your golf game.

A lighter grip will give you much more flexibility and accuracy without sacrificing power.

That's not to say that your grip should be so loose that you will let the club fly out of your hands following a determined drive but you need to have some flexibility in your wrists during the swing.

Your wrists are a fantastic source of power in your swing and this can be put to good use by any golfer.

Having a lighter grip will improve your golf game in other ways as well.

For example you will have more club face rotation, which gives you a much better chance of squaring the club.

This is an essential aspect of a good golf game so bear this in mind the next time you are taking a shot.

I recommend a mid-range grip as this will give you the best immediate results if you are searching for a way to quickly improve your golf game.

This strategy also gives you the most versatility and a high degree of flexibility.

Learning to change your grip is a simple and easy technique which will allow you to play a better golf game without having to spend more money trying to find a quick fix in new clubs or other golf accessories.

Alex Nickinson is the owner of Golf World Online, a site for lovers of golf everywhere.

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