Some Golf Equipment Tips On How To Choose The Correct Golf Equipment

The following golf equipment tips are here to help you choose the right equipment for yourself.

Although you can never "buy" a golf game, the better that you become, the more you will benefit from clubs that exactly suit your swing characteristics.

Even with all the modern computer equipment and swing analysis machines the only real way is by trial and error. Certain clubs even if there are not exact, 'feel' right.

This will improve your confidence on the course that you are going to hit a good shot with that club.

That is why you will see 'pros' are so fond of trying out each others clubs on the practice ground, especially drivers, and wedges.

High or Low Priced Clubs?

Usually, the higher priced a club the the better its raw materials and the more precise the shaping and weight distribution.

The manufacturers have become even more competitive and there are many good low priced equipment around.

Sometimes waiting for a year can reap financial benefits, and the price comes down dramatically on good makes of clubs.

All clubs on the market today are of reasonable playing quality, the important thing is personal suitability not price if you are prepared to wait.


The feel of many modern clubs is identified by the swing weight. The modern driver is so light that the balance has to be obtained by having the correct shaft inserted.

The objective is to have a balanced feel through out the swing.

The lighter the club the easier it is to control and less tiring on the practice ground.


It would take a huge golf equipment tips book to analyse all the performance nuances resulting from various combinations of shaft length, weight, flex, and grip.

Basically, the stiffer the shaft, the greater the golfers chance of delivering the clubface accurately to the ball.

Conversely, the more flexible the shaft, the greater potential for clubhead speed and thus greater distances.

But to get down to practicalities, the determining factors in selecting clubs must be your own strength, swing tempo, and feel.


Another one of the golf equipment tips is to determine what grip is best for you.

Size is the first decision to make.

Most clubs will come with a standard grip fitted.

This may not be suitable. Obviously, a golfer with small hands may require a thinner grip than normal. Just as a golfer with large hands may need built up grips for maximum security and feel.

But it goes further than that, The fatter the grip the more the shaft will be held in the palms of the hands. This will lead to less wrist action during the swing.

Conversely, the thinner the grip, the more the club will be held by the fingers, and the more freely the wrist will work.

As a lack of wrist action often causes slicing, an over active wrist action often causes hooking.

"A change in grip thickness might dramatically change your game!

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