How To Play Better Golf In Bad Weather

When it is bad weather, wet and cold, many golfers tend to tense up, hunch their shoulders and thrash at the ball as though they are anxious to get it over with.

But for the best results you have to relax, slow down and get on with it.

You will probably be surprise yourself at how just how well you will score if you accept the elements and take your time.

Use A Three Quarter Swing

In bad weather, when it is wet and windy, it often becomes difficult to retain your balance and rythym in this situation.

There are one or two alterations you can make to help counterbalance the conditions.

Take a slightly wider stance. This however, will make it more difficult to turn fully.

Going back don't strain to make a full turn, but instead use a three quarter backswing.

Because you are not making a full turn and also cutting down the length of your backswing, you will not hit the ballas far.

Therefore remember to take one more club than normal.

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