What Are The Best  
Practice Tips?

Practice! Practice!

But what should we practice? 

Often, we arrive at a golf club, take a few swings and off we go. That's fine but.....

Is this the best way to improve your golf. Of course not!

However, knowing what to practice on can improve your golf more quickly, and with less effort.

If you can't get good qualified instruction then these tips are for you.

Try these great practice tips to become a better golfer.

Personally, I think every golfer should spend a lot more time on their short game, that is putting, chipping, and pitching. These shots add up to about 60% of the shots taken on the golf course.

But Practice only the correct way!!

Tip 1

One of the most obvious golf practice tips is to take all of your clubs to the range and hit wedge to driver! You use all your clubs when you play, so why not practice with all the clubs in the bag!

Tip 2

If working on swing mechanics, use your favourite club. But if you are practicing shot making, take your golf bag to the range, switch clubs often, and mix it up. One of the best golf practice tips is to practice hitting golf shots, but don’t hit more than 10 shots in a row with the same club.

Tip 3

Besides switching clubs often on the range, you can vary the lie of the ball. Practice shots from perfect lies, buried lies, perched lies, divots, and sandy lies. Vary the trajectory and curve of the shot. Hit high and low shots, right to left and left to right shots, specialty shots, and half and full shots. You can change targets on each shot. Vary the terrain where you hit shots. Hit shots from uphill, downhill, and sidehill lies. You get the picture. Don’t just hit balls from a flat, perfect lie on the range to the same target.

You hit all kinds of shots on the course, so why not get good at them, by using the practice tips, in practice first?

Tip 4

You also get various lies on the course. This requires that you be creative with practice so you can be confident with any shot you encounter during play. This is what makes golf so interesting; you never have the same shot twice on the course.

Tip 5

The best golf practice mimics the shots you anticipate playing in the next round of golf. Many tour pros prepare for tournaments by hitting the exact golf shots they need to hit in the next tournament. For example, if you normally hit a driver and then a six-iron on the first hole, hit these clubs in practice. If the next hole calls for a eight-iron off the tee, hit a eight-iron. Practice all the clubs you expect to use on the golf course.

Tip 6

Prior to your practice time, firstly warm up! Do some stretches of all your muscles in your legs, back, arms and shoulders. Hold two clubs together and slowly swing them as normal after this to warm things up further.

Tip 7

Aim at a target and use clubs laid on the ground in line with your feet to ensure that you are pointing in the right direction.

Tip 8

Aim at a target and try to get a specified number within a twenty-foot radius. Once you have done that, increase the target number or decrease the size of the circle.

Tip 8

Groove your pre-shot routine by going through it every time you hit a shot on the range and on the course. It will help your swing function under pressure.

Tip 9

Aim at several targets and vary the length and type of short to increase you feel.

Putting Practice

Place four balls around a hole at the four points of the compass, north, south, east and west. This drill is better if the hole is on a slope so that you get a putt that turns each way. Place the first circle at 2 feet and move out from there if you hole them all.

To achieve some feel, place 4 balls along the same line, but at every 3 feet up to 12 feet. Putt the nearest ball and work along the line until you hone the touch and pace of the putt. Then try the same technique uphill, and downhill.

Play matchplay with a friend on the putting green. Nothing like a bit of head to head pressure to sharpen up your putting!

There are practice tips, and there are good practice tips.

By utilising some or all of the above you will find that your game will improve.

Don't forget practice only the correct way! To become a better player, it not only requires good practice, but also a sound consistent and reliable golf swing.

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