Simple Putting Tips To Make You A Better Putter

Not everyone appreciates the requirement for utilising good putting tips.

"Any putting method is good as long as it works." How often have you heard that comment on the golf course?

This is not the case, but putting skills can be learnt. Try these putting tips and you will improve.

With the exception of a few good golfers, and despite the fact that professionals and amateurs all look alike, with their colour co-ordinated clothes, you can instantly tell the amateurs from the pros when they reach the green.

The difference in putting action is a dead giveaway.

Is your Putting letting you down ?

These putting tips will show you the basic elements required to be a good putter.

The key to a good consistent putting action is to keep the wrists firm throughout the stroke.

It is much easier to achieve a repetitive stroke with the forearms than by breaking the wrists, and flicking the head of the putter at the ball!

What better way to make the most of your natural talent, than by taking a natural approach to putting?

Stand tall to the ball, letting your arms hang straight down from your shoulders, rather than stooping and bending the elbows.

A light pressure grip. There are a lot of different grips that professionals use, but all of them have a light grip.

A smooth forward and back stroke like a pendulum on a clock. Try to keep a smooth pace throughout.

Once you are comfortable with your putting style, the next thing to practice is your feel and distance, followed by your alignment.

These putting tips and drills will improve these two points.

Feel and Speed

To determine speed, take a tee peg and insert it about 18 inches beyond the hole. Now putt and see how close you can get to that peg. This gives you a more confident hit.

Keep the backswing the same height as the follow through height. This will help to keep the ball on line.

If you accelerate through the ball as you putt, then this will almost ceretainly cause the ball to roll off line.

Try to maintain an even tempo as you strike through the ball area.

Imagine a hula hoop, or a large wheel or circle of about 4 feet around the hole, and focus on hiiting your long putt into that area.


To determine the line, requires a little pratice at reading the green.

Look at the overall contour of the green.

Imagine a bucket of water being spilled, where would the water run off.

Observe the way the ball might react in the last few feet. This will give you better recall on breaks.

On a long breaking putt, pick a target spoton the line between ball and the hole, and attempt to roll the putt over that spot.

To ensure your ball has a chance on a breaking putt, always putt slightly more up the slope, to ensure your ball has a chance to topple in the side of the hole, if hit at correct speed.

Do You Still Need Some Final Thoughts ?

There are basically 5 points to being a good putter.

1. Make sure the putter head is square to the target line.

2. Place your eyes directly over the ball at address.

3. Firm up your wrists, and make the wrists and forearms work in a pendulum motion.

4. Make an even length stroke on either side of the ball.

5. Hit the ball at the equator of the ball to obtain a more even roll.

Is Your Putting Still Not Up To Scratch ?

If your putting is still not up to scratch, perhaps it's your putter that is at fault!!

Only joking, it is not usually the putter's fault, but us humans.

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