Golfer's Prayer

Even the non-believers amongst us, wish that we had a golfers prayer of sorts, for those very frustrating parts of our golf game!

It has long been known that a little divine help is needed in this great, frustrating game of ours.

So here we go!

(With apologies to the great Golf God)

The Pro is my shepherd I shall not slice,

He maketh me drive straight down green fairways,

He leadeth me safely across still water hazards,

He restoreth my approach shots,

He leadeth me in the paths of accuracy for my game's sake,

Yea though I chip through the roughs,

In the shadows of sand traps,

I will fear no bogies,

For his advice is with me,

His putter and Irons they comfort me,

He prepareth a strategy for me,

In the presence of mine opponents,

He appointeth my head with confidence,

The cup will not runneth over,

Surely birdies and eagles shall follow,

Me all the rounds of my life,

And I will score in the low seventies forever!!

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