Wise Up on The Correct Nutrition For Energy

The aim of good nutrition is to provide sufficient energy to cope with the demands of the golf game.

Golf is a game which requires a constant supply of energy to sustain peak performance over four hours plus.

It is played in a variety of climatic conditions, from hot to humid, to cold an wet.

Dietary Components That Are Necessary For a Balanced Food Intake


Basically there are two types of Carbohydrates, simple, and complex.


Their taste is sweet.

Found in foods such as sugar, jam, chocolates etc.


Their taste is starchy.

Found in foods such as bread, rice, cereals and pasta.

As carbohydrate in the form of glucose, is released at different rates into the blood stream, it is important to eat the right type, and amount, to help sustain endurance, strength, and mental alertness.

Foods such as bread, rice, potatoes, and bananas induce a rapid rise in blood glucose.

Whereas, foods such as apples, peaches, baked beans, milk, and yogurt, release blood glucose slowly.

Therefore golfers should balance intake of simple and complex carbohydrate to ensure they have the appropriate energy levels.

A general rule is to focus on complex carbohydrate foods, and 'top up' with foods containing simple sugars.

When do you eat Carbohydrates ?

Before Your Game

Obviously, this will depend on your tee time. Ideally about two hours before you play to allow for digestion and absorption into the blood stream.

During Your Game !

You may not feel it necessary, but if you feel the need to supplement nutrition and kick start your energy levels, then eat foods such as bananas, raisins, as well as taking soft drinks that are high in carbohydrate.

After Your Game !

It is very important to replenish the body with carbohydrates within2 hours of finishing your game.

Enjoy a beer at the 19th hole, but don't make that the only source of carbohydrate intake !! nutrition for the body, and a good golf book for the solution to a good swing.

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