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My name is Bill. I am a Scot who's taken early retirement to live in the wonderful old town of Hawick, which lies in the picturesque Borders of Scotland. Here you can see a picture of my wife, Delsie, and me at my son's recent wedding.

My father was Head Green Keeper of Kirriemuir Golf Course for 30 years, and was 'Green Keeper of the Year' in 1969. He had a handicap of 3, and was Club Captain for several years. We lived in the golf club, which is on the edge of the golf course. My mother did all the cooking and stewarding. So you see, golf has been in my blood since then. I was taught how to play golf by my father from a very early age and have had a single figure handicap for many years.

This sport has given me so much pleasure over the years that I felt that I should help others, get as much enjoyment as I've had playing golf. I have had a lot of fun teaching others how to play this great game already. My life is just an expansion of that.

We are currently building a 'self-build' house on the outskirts of a great old town, called, Hawick. The house overlooks Hawick Golf Course, where I currently play. Now that the project is nearing its end, it was an ideal time to set up a golf tips information site.

But, what did I know about the Internet......

How did I go about starting a website?

I knew how to send and receive emails, even work with word processors and spread sheets, but I knew nothing about the Internet. After many hours searching the Internet for answers, I finally decided to put my golf knowledge and information on my own website.

Before I decided to make a the site however, I looked at a lot of things on the web, for 'work at home' businesses. What I found was a lot of "Get Rich Schemes"!

Needless to say, most don’t work.

My big problem: I knew no HTML, and had no idea how to go about building a website. The more I checked into it, the more I decided I did NOT want to spend a lot of time and money learning Internet technology... I just wanted to provide information!

Then I stumbled upon a company called.......SiteSell and their product Site Build It

SBI Review

It was altogether different from anything I had ever seen!

I was still a bit skeptical, so I wasted several more months, reading all the information, trying to make up my mind, before I finally took the plunge to download the SBI 'Action Guide' .

That is the instruction manual that SBIers use when building their websites. Now I could see more of what they were talking about, and I could see that this would work... if I was willing to make it work.  It’s not get rich quick.

I learned from the case studies that people are looking for information, all sorts of information... yes, even these golf tips.

In the action guide, they invite you to look at existing SBI sites, first the sites featured in the Top % of all websites and then many others. SBI is the only company with a proven track record of helping sites achieve top rankings. You can see a lot of very successful sites here. They definitely show what you can do.

SBI! makes it easy to find out what kind of information people are looking for, and then helps you to build a profitable website that attracts people wanting that information.

If you can read and write, follow instructions, fill in blanks and use your mouse to click on buttons, you can build a profitable website using the Site Build It! system. It's very straightforward. It's really exciting seeing your own website develop, too!

Shall I let you in on something truly amazing?...

I built this entire website myself, but I still don't have a clue about HTML, and I don't know anything about using Dreamweaver® or any other website builder. I don't need to.

SBI! is a complete, all-in-one system and it's all online, so I can use it with my iMac or a PC. There is even online support and a friendly, helpful forum whenever you need it.

Does my website pay for itself?

Absolutely! It more than pays for itself.

Each month, it earns a good income in ad revenue alone. Plus, I also profit from my eBook and affiliate sales.

Site Build It! is giving me the opportunity to have the financial freedom I always dreamed of having.

Is it fun to do?

Yes! It's a lot of fun and tremendously satisfying to be able to help people find the information they are searching for.

My website routinely receives visitors from over 30 countries around the world. And I don't even have to leave my home office. You can have the freedom to work when and where you want to work. It's like having a paying hobby.

It's true, nothing beats 'working at home'. If you've been thinking of starting a work-from-home business, why not make it a successful one and enjoy what you're doing too?

But first, get one thing straight: This is NOT some unreliable, get-rich-quick scheme. Far from it!

It does require time and work, and there is a yearly subscription, which works out to be less than $1 per day... a fraction of what it's really worth.

But, the affordable package includes everything you need, even your domain registration and web hosting! The bottom line is this system works! 

If you would like to learn more about SBI!...

A knowledgeable SiteSell representative will be delighted to provide you with answers to any questions that you may have about Solo Build It!, or simply to help you figure out if Solo Build It! would be of value for what you're planning, and how to go about it. I found the person I talked to was so helpful. And there was absolutely no sales pressure at all.

Simply click here to ask a Question 

There is no obligation.

But don't stop there...

Take the first step. Consider trying SiteSell

Then if Solo Build It! isn't every bit as special as I say it is, simply take advantage of SiteSell's Money-back Satisfaction Guarantee; it turns your purchase into a "no risk trial."

P.S. Let Solo Build It! be your means to financial freedom... "right where you are. At home."

You will be ever so glad you did.

P.P.S The only thing I ask, is that once you are successful through your new website, please let me know, as we are all part of a large family of SBI'ers.

Author : Bill Ritchie
Contact : thegolfprofessor@btinternet.com
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