Coping With Sloping Lies

There are four types of sloping lies, each demanding adjustments to your swing and stance. Almost any slope, no matter how slight will affect the impact of the clubface on the ball. You will need to adjust your address position and/or your swing to take account of these special situations.

There are four basic types of sloping lies.

There are two sidehill situations, where your feet are more or less level with each other, but higher or lower than the ball itself.

There are uphill and downhill sloping lies, where your left foot is higher or lower than the right foot.

Uphill Lie

Hitting up the slope creates the need for an upward angle of approach This approach makes the ball fly higher and stop sooner than normal.

The hill inhibits the leg action, and therefore restricts the clearing of the left hip during the forward swing. What tends to happen is that the hands take over and close the clubface to the left.

So to correct this problem, make minor adjustments.

Take a club with less loft than normal.

Aim slightly more to the right.

Set yourself more perpendicular to the slope.

Swing back down with the slope, and forward up with the slope.

Downhill Lie

The downhill shot requires a steep downward angle of approach. This makes the ball fly lower and further than normal.

It also tends to leave the clubface open at impact, so the ball slices to the right.

To overcome this problem, make these minor adjustments.

Choose a more lofted club.

Aim slightly more to the left.

Set up again perpendicular to the slope.

Swing up the slope in your backswing, and down with the slope with your forward swing.

Ball Above Your Feet

With the ball higher than your feet, a flatter swing is created.

The flatter swing tends to close the clubface to the left more abruptly than normal.

To overcome this situation, try these minor adjustments.

Grip further down the shaft. Roughly an inch for every foot.

Aim to hit higher up on the ball than you would normally.

Aim slightly more to the right.

Ball Below Your Feet

A more upright swing than normal is needed, for the clubhead to reach the bottom of the ball.

The more upright swing tends to ope the clubface and make the ball fly to the right.

To overcome this problem use these minor adjustments.

Stand closer to the balland bend over more.

Aim slightly more to the left.

Swing more with your arms and hands.

Practice Makes Perfect!!

All of these sloping lies shots are easily achievable with a little practice.

Enjoy the challenge, and be amazed when you actually achieve what you set out to do Enjoy more tips and techniques, by reading this very interesting new golf ebook.

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