Improve Your Golf With An Instant Golf Lesson

On this page there is an eclectic mix of instant golf lessons from around the world.

There are many styles of golf lesson.

However, you have to personally try them out, and see which ones will work for you.

1. A Cure For Slicers

A major cause of a slice is "coming over the top".

For this 'Instant Golf Lesson' go back to basics. Think of returning your golf club to your address position at impact.

At Address, your hands are slightly ahead.

The clubhead is square to your target line.

If you just visualise this position as you come down in your downswing, you will reduce your slicing problem.

It also means that you will not be concerned about hitting at the ball, but will allow you to sweep through the ball.

It will aslo cut down on the anxiety and produce a slower swing.

Try it, you will be amazed.

Another tip on the same theme

If you slice the ball you probably need a better shoulder turn.

A better shoulder turn encourages a correct in to down the line swing path.

Once you have taken your normal stance try bringing the left foot back a couple of inches.

This allows a much improved shoulder turn and will produce a wider arc.

You will have more power, a better arc and a straighter shot.

What more can you ask for!!

2. Practice Swing

To build a better balance in your swing and promote a more complete follow through, try warming up with this instant golf lesson.

Grip the club at the wrong end, by the hosel, and take a full swing.

It may feel awkward at first, but practising this dril helps you increase hand speed.

On the practice tee hit all your clubs with the same procedure, drill, shot, drill, shot etc.

This exercise also helps you accelerate with the left arm, swinging through the ball and not at it.

3. Swing Slower For A Longer Hit

Obviously, you cannot hit the ball a long way unless the clubhead is moving at a high s speed.

The mistake many average golfers make is thinking that they have to attain this speed by taking a fast backswing.

Actually the reverse is true.

You have to take the club back deliberate and at an even tempo in order to ensure a full shoulder turn.

Dont' be afraid to hit the ball hard, but remember to make that full turn first.

The faster your backswing, the less likely you are to amke a smooth weight transfer and the greater chance of expending that power, before the clubhead gets back to the ball.

4. Greater Driving Accuracy

Most golfers are too tense on the tee. They try to hard to hit the ball and end up in trouble left or right.

Try picking a spot between the trouble and aim at that spot in the distance that allows you to a dgree of flexibility if you don't hit it correctly.

Use the law of averges which means that you have better than average chance to being in a reasonable spot for your next shot.

If you have to take a three wood so be it.

You will score better!

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