Around The Green

An area of the golf game that is absolutely vital is 'around the green' and this is where the top players really shine.

It is this aspect of the game that they really practice more than any other.

They know how many shots this can save them in a round.

The key is to be inventive around the green.

Be inventive 'around the green'!

There are a couple of problems that we all suffer from:-

The first problem is a sad lack of planning ahead.

Secondly, trying to play difficult shots without much practice. We all do it.

The main thing about golf is keeping it as simple as possible.

How Do You Plan Your Shots ?

When pitching or chipping to the green, don't just think of getting the ball close to the hole, but actually think about where you want the ball to be, so your putt is easier.

Think ahead. This where you are going to save shots around the green.

Think of the Green as a Face of a Clock

Think of the green as a face of a clock, where the hole is the centre of the face.

The highest point of the green is noon, and the lowest point of the green is 6pm.

Now think of between 4pm and 8pm as being the best position for your pitch or chipped ball to end up, assuming you don't hole it.


Because the uphill putt is far easier.

More amateur golfers will make an uphill by far, than a side breaking putt, or even a downhill putt. Think of your own game.

So don't just rush up to your shot around the green and play it.

Think about where you want the ball to finally come to rest on the green!

Areas 2 to 4, and 4 to 8 on your imaginary clock face are 'no-go' areas.

Play your ball into a position to make the putt, if you don't manage to chip it in.

To get the ball into the right position then you must play the ball the right distance.

This is a distance shot.

Remember an uphill putt is easier to hole.

Take Your Time To Read The Green

Surprisingly, a ball will always break more than you think it will!

Usually, more than 50% of putts are made from an uphill position.

If you want to improve, then get your pitch or chip shot into the 4 to 8 zone.

When practicing, don't always use a flat area.

Take 10 balls and try chipping to a pin position on a slope. Then try putting from all the positions your ball ends up.

You will see that putting from the right zone will be easier.

It's easier to reduce your handicap by chipping into the right area.

The Chip Shot

The main problem amateur golfers face is playing the chip and run shot.

We are obsessed by watching the top golfers play the lob shot under all conditions.

This is a dangerous shot, and leads to many miss-hit golf shots. In fact the smarter play is to play the lower chip and run shot.

The main problem higher handicap golfers have with this shot is that they stub the club behind the ball or that they catch the ball higher and skull it through the green.

The first usually happens because the golfer makes a hurried stab at the ball, instead of allowing the golf club to accelerate through towards the hole.

The second fault can often be traced to the hands being behind the ball, rather than in front at impact.

Ensure you keep your hands ahead of the clubface when playing these shots.

Thirdly, concentrate on where you want the golf ball to land.

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