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This site is dedicated to providing you with a consistent Golf Swing, using easy Golf Tips. Plus you will find plenty of interesting and topical information about this great and fascinating game of golf.

Is this your golf swing?

If not, can your swing be improved so that it is as smooth as this? 

Do you you need more golf tips to improve?

Of course, we can all improve, but improving takes practice, and we don't all have the time for that, do we?

So how can we improve?

Well to some extent, just knowing the type of shot helps. 

That is where these great easy Golf Tips. come in handy.

The correct Golf Equipment , and really the most important element is,Course Management.

Besides having good golf swing fundamentals, it takes many other things, such as putting, good chipping, and the correct mental approach, to fully enjoy this great game.

That's why you play, right? For the enjoyment!

Transform your golf game, by using the golf tips provided here.

Find good straightforward advice on the golf swing fundamentals, golf drills, and techniques. Plus general information surrounding the wonderful world of golf.

If like me, you get frustrated with your game, and sometimes confused about the right way forward on a shot, or you just want to improve in general, then there are specific sections on all aspects of the game, just for you.

What Are In The Various Sections?

Are you a new golfer?  Use these tips to get you off to a great start.New Golfers

Experienced golfer with bad habits?  Find solutions to your golf problems here.

Find exciting sections on Nutrition, and Golf Fitness, as well as Practice Tips, plus fascinating Practice Drills.

One of the sections covers the art of the golf swing. How to keep "The Golf Swing" simple and consistent is one of the keys to good and enjoyable golf.

More importantly, it will give you a sense of achievement, and allow you to play to your handicap.

As the site develops you will be introduced to new tips, along with links to other golfing topics, to help you get even more out of this wonderful game.

So why not bookmark this site now for a great adventure into this fascinating game of golf.

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