Achieving Consistent Bunker Shots

If you're like most weekend golfers, your greenside bunker shots need work.

You'd give anything to be able to get out of them in one shot and leave yourself with a short putt every time you land in one.

Unfortunately, many weekend golfers have a hard time just punching out of a bunker, let alone landing close to the hole.

So you are not alone. The reason weekend golfers have trouble getting out of greenside bunkers may be because of their approach.

Most teaching pros favour the traditional bunker shot approach, played with an open stance and your feet and shoulders aligned to the left of the target.

This approach works well for many golfers, but not for everyone.

It's easy to understand why you may have a hard time being consistent with greensides bunker. Since you play only a couple of shots from a bunker per round, it's hard to feel comfortable and confident with the shot using the traditional set-up.

In addition, the severe outside-to-in swing path created by the open sep-up makes it difficult for weekend golfers to hit the exact spot in the sand they're aiming for.

The end result: inconsistency.

But you might achieve more consistency with your bunker shots, if you try a slightly different approach. It involves a simple change in your set-up, and is easy to get used to as well as painless to try.

Next time you find yourself in a greenside bunker, instead of opening up your set-up, try squaring your feet and shoulders to the target line.

Then, take a normal swing, concentrating on maintaining a smooth tempo from start to finish.

Squaring your feet and shoulders isn't a dramatic change. But it may be just what the doctor ordered, to achieve more consistency getting out of greenside bunkers.

Many golfers find it easier using this approach to start the ball on the correct line and to judge the correct distance.

Try it and see.