Just a Few Minutes Training Your Mind With These Mental Tips, Can Save You Many Lost Shots On The Golf Course

Brainpower is the new key to better golf.

So why not try out these mental tips, and get your mind working for you on the golf course.

Just a few minutes training your brain can save you hours of hardship and lost shots out on the golf course.

The act of hitting a golf ball takes about 5 minutes in a four hour game of golf. This leaves plenty of time for all those gremlins in your mind to work.

Don't Let One Bad Shot Get You Down!

Golfers often play perfectly well for long stretches, only to fall apart after one bad shot.


A poor shot after a run of good ones, bring on familiar reactions, "What did I do differently".

They make you tense, because you will go to the next shot thinking I will do it again.

Your frame of mind has changed, not your technique.

But you can beat it, by using various mental tips.

If you have played many acceptable shots, and just one bad one, then logically the next shot should be a good one!

Just One Swing Thought At A Time

You will play your best golf when you are thinking not too hard.

If you have more than two swing thoughts, your mind gets confused trying to remember which one takes priority.

The mental game is to do most of your thinking before you swing the club.

Once you are ready to go limit yourself to one thought only!

Take Charge Of That Little Voice In Your Head

One of the key mental tips is to avoid calling yourself a prat or idiot. Avoid phrases like” Why do I bother”, or “ I can’t believe I have done that 5 times in a row”.

There are 2 ways to manipulate that little voice in your head. Distract it

Firstly, Talk to your partners about something else, like develop an interest in your course surroundings, or do anything to take your mind off your golf between shots.

Secondly, use it. Instead of having a go at yourself, talk yourself up. Say things like” you are too good to be making those type of shots. Remind yourself of how you made those par putts, and great shots.

Then, when you are ready to take your next shot, really focus for those crucial few seconds from when you line up, to when you actually hit the ball.

Always make sure you are thinking positive before the next shot.

Project a Mental Image

Always try to visualise what you are trying to do.

Once you have seen yourself do it in your mind's eye, you will be amazed at how well this gives you a belief that you can do it for real!

As you visualise a golf shot, see the club head strike the ball, and the ball soar away in the right direction.

Hear the sound the ball makes as it is struck.

Feel the club in your hands, and feel the sensation as the club hits the ball.

If you have a tough pitch over water, rather than rush the shot to get it over with, stand back and imagine watching yourself play the perfect shot. Watch the ball rising up and over and landing perfectly on the green.

Go on be a devil and give it a try. You will be amazed at how these mental tips help you control your inner self.

Self Hypnosis

Tell yourself over and over again that you can do something is a powerful and subtle form of self hypnosis.

Go on, when you are deep in a bunker or sand trap, say "I can do this".

Most top sports psychologists use these forms of affirmation or mental tips in their training, so why not you.

Instead of worrying about the problem shot, give yourself a pep talk and watch that ball soar out of trouble.

Forget the Scorecard

One of the better mental tips is being overly conscious of your score. This can actually destroy what you have achieved so far.

It also puts added pressure on yourself.

Try to think of the shot in hand. Say to yourself that it doesn't matter if this drops or not, instead of saying "I can't afford to drop a shot".

You will undo all your good work unless you stay in the present.

Use Body Language

Positive, purposeful body language leads to confident playing.

You only have to watch some of the great golfers to see how they stride down the fairway.

Their bearing tells you that they are confident, and focused.

Walk the whole of your round in a brisk fashion and at the same deliberate pace. It will help you treat birdies, and bogeys in the same fashion.

Act decisively when it comes to choosing a club.

Weigh up your options and stick with it.

Look forward to hitting your next shot well.

Stay in the Present

One of the best mental tips is to stay in the present.

Almost all of your worries on a golf course are based on the past, ( that shanked shot ), or the future ( Where will this shot go now ).

The past shot you cannot undo!

The future shot is in your hands now. Think constructively, and work on the best way forward with your next shot.

If your mind does wander, yank it back.

Ask these questions:

1. How far do I have to go?

2. What club should I take?

3. What is the least risk factor?

Then go for it!

Further Mental Tips and Techniques Reading

Further tips and techniques can be found in this good mental keys book.

Why not give it a try, you maybe surprised at how useful your brain power really is if tuned in properly!

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