How To Develop A Technique For A Good Sand Shot

To most average golfers, playing a sand shot remains something of a mystery.

sand shot

Keep your Cool with this type of Bunker Shot!

Golfers watch with envy, bordering on awe, how seasoned professionals, consistently blast their way out. They are left with the conclusion that there is some magic secret to good bunker play.

There is no such secret.

How well you play is down to following some basic principles, then practice, and more practice.

During the course of a round you could find yourself in a bunker or sand trap several times. So it is essential that you learn how to play a good sand shot.

Not only that, but learn how to deal with different sand shots for different situations.

Digging In With Your Feet

If you have watched the golf professionals, you will have observed that all of them ensure that they have a sound foundation for their stance, by digging and squirming in the sand, with their feet.

This not only gives a firm foundation, but gives you a good idea of the type and texture of the sand.

Long and Slow For Sand Shots

There is an obvious tendency on the part of most golfers to rush through this shot. Usually in a haste to get out of the sand as quickly as possible!

The whole sand shot should be played as in slow motion from start to finish.

Open up the stance a little.

Open up the clubface a little.

Place the ball slightly forward in your stance.

Pick and entry point about an inch behind the ball.

Take a long slow backspin, and equally slow follow through.

The club will slide under the ball, and trust me, the ball will just pop up out of the sand with little effort.

Look For The Safe Way Out

Whenever you find your ball close to the lip of the bunker or sand trap, blasting it out is usually a disaster.

Find an alternative way out. It may even be backwards, or directing your shot 30 to 40 feet away from the hole

This strategy could save you several shots.

Leaving a longer putt certainly beats wasting unnecessary sand shots.

Downhill Sand Shot

Try to set your body for this type of shot parallel to the angle of the slope.

Make sure your feet have as firm a footing as possible, especially the left foot, to save slipping on the downswing.

Play the ball nearer to your right foot.

Take the club back steeper than normal, and attack steeply with as open a face as you can. Try to follow the beneral contour of the slope with your follow through.

The ball will come out lower, and run more on landing.

Long Sand Shot

Fairway bunkers are a nemesis to most golfers.

The key here is to take as long a club as possible that will get over the lip of the bunker or sand trap.

Move your grip down the shaft slightly, as you are slightly closer to the ball, (remember you are digging in with your feet).

Pick a point halfway up the ball where you want to hit it.

Try to use a more upright posture for this shot.

Occasionally, a metal wood is ideal for this shot as it does not dig into the sand so much.

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